Safecracker Suite (a collection of drum pieces interspersed with Feynman telling anecdotes)

Los Alamos From Below (audio, talk given by Feynman at Santa Barbara on February 6, 1975)

Six Easy Pieces (original lectures upon which the book is based)

Six Not So Easy Pieces (original lectures upon which the book is based)

The Feynman Lectures on Physics: The Complete Audio Collection

Samples of Feynman's drumming, chanting and speech are included in the songs "Tuva Groove (Bolur Daa-Bol, Bolbas Daa-Bol)" and "Kargyraa Rap (Dürgen Chugaa)" on the album Back Tuva Future, The Adventure Continues by Kongar-ool Ondar. The hidden track on this album also includes excerpts from lectures without musical background.

The Messenger Lectures, given at Cornell in 1964, in which he explains basic topics in physics. Available on Project Tuva for free (See also the book The Character of Physical Law)

Take the world from another point of view [videorecording] / with Richard Feynman; Films for the Hu (1972)

The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures Four public lectures of which the four chapters of the book QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter are transcripts. (1979)

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (1981) (not to be confused with the later published book of same title)

Richard Feynman: Fun to Imagine Collection, BBC Archive of 6 short films of Feynman talking in a style that is accessible to all about the physics behind common to all experiences. (1983)

Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics (1986)

Tiny Machines: The Feynman Talk on Nanotechnology (video, 1984)

Computers From the Inside Out (video)

Quantum Mechanical View of Reality: Workshop at Esalen (video, 1983)

Idiosyncratic Thinking Workshop (video, 1985)

Bits and Pieces — From Richard's Life and Times (video, 1988)

Strangeness Minus Three (video, BBC Horizon 1964)

No Ordinary Genius (video, Cristopher Sykes Documentary)

Richard Feynman — The Best Mind Since Einstein (video, Documentary)

The Motion of Planets Around the Sun (audio, sometimes titled "Feynman's Lost Lecture")

Nature of Matter (audio)

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